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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

prepaid charity

Beggar: Sir, please give me a rupee, I beg you please give me a rupee
rajan : How many times should I tell you that I don't have small change.
Beggar : Sir, how much do you have ?
rajan: I have a hundred rupee note. Take this and give me the small change.
Beggar : After taking the hundred rupee note, says Sir, I don't have change but you can treat this is as a prepaid charity.
Beggar at the doorstep : Please give me some food, I am hungry.
Housewife: I am busy with cooking, com later shouts the lady from the kitchen.
Beggar in tune shouts: Madam, I am leaving my visiting card here. Whenever you become free please call me so that I can take the food.

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