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Sunday, January 10, 2010

hit by a rose

Hardy: why is it that your left cheek is swollen?
Laurel: Last night, my wife hit me with a rose.
Hardy: Will a rose cause so much damage? I don't believe it!
Laurel: The rose came along with the vase.
Hardy: ?
Hardy: Laurel, today's shooting is cancelled.
Laurel: What is the reason?
Hardy: Yesterday the heroine smelled a rose and she sneezed once. She went to  a doctor who advised her rest and that's it.
Laurel : ???
Laurel: Do you know where angels live?
Hardy: Yes Laurel. They stay in the women's hostel opposite to my house.
Laurel: Hardy, you said that you have written the story of the soul but I find only a white paper here.
Hardy: Laurel: Oh! Never mind it can seen only by the souls.
Laurel: !!!

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