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Monday, January 4, 2010

Laurel n Hardy 4

Laurel: Do you know that the last time when we went to the party, a mishap took place?
Hardy: What mishap?
Laurel: In the darkness I hugged some lady thinking that it was my wife.
Hardy: Well Laurel, it was such a dark night then how did you recognise that it was not your wife?
Laurel: Whenever I hug my wife, she asks me to hold her firm and tight. The other night that lady didn't say a thing so I knew that it was not my wife.
Hardy: Laurel, in the same darkness a mishap took place from my side.
Laurel : What is it? Did you also hug someone thinking that it was your wife?
Hardy feeling ashamed: Yes Laurel, I too hugged someone by mistake but that lady said hold me tight and firm.

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