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Monday, January 11, 2010

Laurel n hardy 7

Laurel: Hardy, so far in my life I have donated many litres of blood?
Hardy: That's great. But do you remember to whom have you donated the blood.
Laurel: Well Hardy to be frank I never asked the mosquitoes their names anytime
Hardy: ?!?!?
Laurel: Hardy, last night I heard your wife crying? Did you thrash her or what?
Hardy: I am not so brave to hit her. Someone died in the soap on TV and she was crying for that.
Hardy: Laurel, how do we get detachment of all the materialistic things in life?
Laurel: Don't you know such a simple answer. It is because of a 'wife'.
Hardy: what is it that moves only one foot an year?
Laurel: It is a file in Government office.
Laurel: So far I drank many gallons of pesticide.
Hardy: Is it true? How are you alive then? By the way what is that pesticide.
Laurel: what else but the 'soft drinks'

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