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Sunday, January 17, 2010

laurel n hardy 9

Laurel and Hardy went to a liquor bar and had about six pegs when they started talking-
Laurel: I am fearless. I don't fear anyone in the world.
Hardy: is it? By the way why did your wife come here?
Laurel immediatley hid himself under the table: Where....? where is she? Tell her I am not here!
Laurel: Hardy, I want to do exercises every morning.
Hardy with a smile: that's so nice. But you have been telling me the same thing for the past sixty years.
Laurel and Hardy go to an orchestra -
Hardy: Laurel, shall we go home the drum beats are not rhythmic and I am getting a headache.
Laurel: Hardy, please bear with me. This orchestra is much better than the one my wife organises everyday at home.
Hardy: What is that orchestra at home.
Laurel: She switches on the radio full volume and bangs me as if I were drums.
Laurel: Hardy, did the xyz fitness centre reduce your weight with the weight loss program advertised by them?
Hardy: Laurel, they have reduced the weight of my purse instead of me.

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