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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Laurel n Hardy 10

When Laurel n Hardy were kids, they were in school.
Teacher wanted to calm down the students and started a conversation:
Children, if I sell all my properties and give the money on charity, will I go to heaven?
All the students said "No"
Teacher: Children, if I clean the church everyday will I then go to heaven?
Hardy: No Madam
Teacher: Then what should I do to go to heaven?
Laurel: You need to die first!
Laurel: Hardy, why are you looking dejected?
Hardy: Laurel, two years ago I gave a hand loan of two lakh rupees to Chris for a plastic surgery to his face. When I went to his home to ask for a repayment I found that he vacated his home. Now I can't even recognise him even if he crosses my path. What should I do?

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