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I think that I know a lot about myself. It is not true and it is not true even with you either. I came to know about myself after I attended a medical expo where I underwent a multiple choice examination. After looking at the results I came to know that I am an introvert, a sensitive person and a person lacking in confidence. To overcome the confidence issue I read many positive mental attitude books and attended seminars. I listen more and talk less since I have two ears and only one mouth . I have not many choices so I lead a humble life. I use an Yamaha motorcycle or a Maruti Omni Van when I am not walking for my commuting needs. As a hobby I try to troubleshoot friends computers whenever possible though I am not an expert at that.

I was very crazy about watching movies when I was an adolescent and as I grew up so did my craze with movies grew. An year ago I downloaded over a hundred hollywood movies within ten days and burnt them on DVD discs. And during this time I started following His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji and on one of my luckiest days of existence He blessed me by allowing me to touch His Lotus Feet. From that day onwards I have lost all interest in movies and many other things that I shun to write here. The only ambition left in my life is "Be Good, Do Good!"

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