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slide show

watch a slide show that has some wonderful comic ideas including funny pictures, amazing feats, cartoons, good photographs, parody and satire on some big corporates. You think of it and you can find it in the slide show. All these pictures are sent to me via email and if anyone has any objection or if some copyrighted pictures are shown in the slide show, please inform me via mail or comments so that I can remove them outright.

If you are looking for some nice jokes, subtle jokes, laurel n hardy jokes, doctors jokes, social jokes or family jokes, this is the place for you. Great efforts are taken to compose the Laurel and Hardy jokes as they are some wonderful characters created for a movie and these jokes are a tribute to those characters.
numerous funny jokes! Laurel jokes, Hardy jokes, doctor jokes, family jokes, lawyer jokes, animal jokes, sports jokes, relationship jokes, social jokes, trivial jokes, questions answers jokes and more!